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Services Offered

Piano Tuning 

I do minor repairs and/or replacement on all parts of the piano action including hammers, keys, parts, strings, etc.

I provide written appraisals and estimates on pianos that you are either selling or purchasing. 

Regular replacement of worn parts can therefore extend a piano's lifetime by decades.  Restoration" implies more replacement work than mere "repair"

Over time, the performance of a piano action tends to decline, due to the compression of felt, warping of wood, and other types of wear.

The felt hammers of the piano tend to harden over time, as the felt becomes compressed by repeated impact. This usually produces a harsh sound, and is unpleasant to listen to. 

The hammers are "Voiced" by softening the felt using various methods

Humidity systems
Home humidity changes constantly.  Piano owners can prevent problems  such as loose tuning pins, cracks in the soundboard, and failing glue joints by installing a Humidity System.   These systems can be installed on both upright and grand pianos.